Mar. 14th, 2020 01:57 am
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 After a period of excellent sleep I now have a bout of insomnia :( I guess now that I'm bored and lurking the comm I may as well post on here.

Even though I have a lot of dough at the moment I've noticed I've been more cautious about my spending. I get more of a kick out of saving than spending anyway..but there are a lot of nice things up for grabs recently, and also that I now have the opportunity to focus on some very-neglected side collections, namely the ladies (jynx and gothorita). 

Finally, progress on Junky!! the fabric was finally shipped, after about a 4 month wait. >< I wish I was more excited than I am now, and that is due to a purchasing dilemma I have..

which is this beautiful milotic. 

It's not the price that bothers me - for that size and quality it is a steal. However, it is the issue of space. My large bed takes up most of my room, and while one may think that I can display plushies on my bed, it is not so. I suffer dust mite allergies and mites love to live in soft plush. The only way it won't result in nasal congestion and flu for a week is if I wrap everything in plastic when I go to sleep..man imagine the noise when I toss and turn and hit it...

That's why I am not as excited for this upcoming plush that is almost 3 feet long. It will really be doomed to plastic for the rest of its life here. :(

On an entirely different note, I am consolidating my collection of.....ponies. Surprising coming from the brony hater who wishes they were all aborted in the womb. However, I do like the blind bag figures, not so much the brushables (although I am intrigued by Zecora and Nightmare Moon), but luckily (or unluckily) for me I have limited myself to the male ponies and Rarity. I don't really watch the show much at all but unfortunately I have absorbed collector mentality for these guys :(
I just have metallic Rarity to go for her, I saw a listing on Taobao but I'm not sure if she is in stock. Got all the male ponies from the released set, now just have to wait and see if the "special edition" set is released. It contains some boys, the downside is that they are all glitter. - - I hate that glittery shit. Why couldn't they just make some regular ones? or glow in the dark? anything but glitter...

There's this one boypony on ebay that teases me..
A green glitter one with a weird booty stamp. 
Expensive too, because he is unreleased? and not known to collectors in a future release?
The main concern is whether it's a bootleg. Cause otherwise that would be a colossal waste of money.

So tired after writing that spiel..hey I guess this technique works!
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Right, so I've set up a tumblr photoblog for my collection here > http://izzotoys.tumblr.com
It is quite charm-centric for now, as they are the latest additions to my poke junk. My wanted list is whittling down now, which is just as well because I don't have much expendable income any more. ^^;
Things I'm looking forward to? The sexy shiny ray ray merch, stinkfisk, and... some things not related to pkmn at all. lol